Sunday, June 17, 2012

Riadah is Sukan,2012

hey,since tomorrow i update my blog,and TODAY i update again,but i don't know if i have time to update my blog because i am a pmr candidate,busy studying,and yeahhh,SPORTS day....on 16 june,i have my school sports day,so enjooyyyy,yeahhh,i take part in :kawad pengawas:*kasi hightlight sikit.ahahaha...actually i tried to improve my english essay for my pmr studying,OH MY ENGLISH!

continued,showing this picture when perbarisan kawad,cool right.*this photo i taken from facebook,sorry for taking it delight,ahaha.

continued,okey! my kawad pengawas.we got 3rd isn't i don't how we can win,because yeahh you know,we just practise for about 4 or 5 miracle...*tidak sia-sialah doaku selama ini,ameen.enjoy our prefect marching :)

for your inform,my school:smk raja perempuan kelsom have a dancing slot on our recess for our sports day,*wahhh,ape ak merepek...mcm ni ak tlong translate kn:
every year,skolh ak ade buat menari time sukan,menari tu dibuat wktu rehat,so klau korg nk tgk,,ahahahaha play this video >

no,tomorrow is morning,andd bye sundayyy.i hope tomorrow day will be better than today..bless,ameen~
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